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high security number plates online registration for old vehicles|high security number plate online apply|hsrp number plate for old vehicle|hsrp online apply:The transport authorities announced that the owners take a high-security registration plate. Concerned authorities can fit this on the vehicle. They can get registration plates on a new car as well as an old car. Recently transport authorities told in a circular that everybody takes an advanced number of plates. On the other hand, the owners can install on the vehicle by contacting with automobile dealers.HSRP was not mandatory before on April 2019. The ministry of road transport and highways authorities made it after April 2019 to tamper-proof HSRP. It will be beneficial for future use. Concerned authorities have given the responsibility to the RTOs to sensitize people regarding the benefit of this.

This system will help to track stolen or lost the vehicle. The owners can affix it well.It prevents vehicle thefts. Moreover, concerned authorities gave RTOs to ensure compliance of the previous directions. As per the record of RTOs and HSRPs, they have a chromium hologram that has to fix upon the vehicle. The concerned authorities use the hot stamping method.In addition to that, the third registration mark, known as the chromium hologram sticker. It can help to affix on the vehicle. On the other hand, it has registration details of the car, engine, and chassis number. These are all secure.In other words, it makes the vehicle safe before from theft.

High-Security Number Plate Registration

As per the record of officials, automobile sellers can contact with manufacturing companies and try to tie up with them. On the other hand,automobile sellers will contact the respective dealers for buying and fitting HSRP. If new vehicle owners forget to affix HSRP on the vehicle, they will not get any registration certificate from the concerned departments.

The vehicle owners will have to register number plates and use color-coded stickers for their cars. This article will help you to get all relevant information about registration number, checking procedure, website status, and state-wise website list as well.

Who uses High Security Registration Plates?

As we have described what a high security registration plate is, it is also important to know who it is for. Regardless of their fuel or body type, be it petrol, diesel, electric, two-wheeler, four-wheeler, etc. all the vehicles must be fixed with an HSRP before July 2022. The HSRPs were introduced in 2005 and became mandatory in 2019. The number plates of the vehicles sold after April 2019 are already HSRP, so people who bought or registered their vehicles before April 2019 need to shake a leg, and get their HSRP as soon as possible.

HSRP UP | High-Security Number Plate Uttar Pradesh

This article explains the High-Security Registration for Card and Bikes and the online application procedure on the official portal bookmyhsrp.com.

Recent Changes/Updates in HSRP UP Application Process

Let us see the recent changes that have been made in the application process of UP HSRP.

  • From here on, the customer no need to enter all the details of the vehicle. He/she should be required to enter the vehicle number to fetch all the details regarding the Vehicle Database that is integrated with UP HSRP Portal.
  • Customers will now have to enter only the last five digits of the engine and chassis number.
  • The company has also introduced a new application whereby an SMS goes to the customer and dealer, letting them know that the plate is on its way to the designated address for affixation once a plate is dispatched from the embossing center.
  • The rider-fitters will also have to enter the App’s photographs, confirming that affixation has been done. Moreover, an SMS will be sent to the dealer and vehicle owner regarding the same.
  • For home delivery affixation, the company currently has more than 450 rider-fitters. The number is expected to go up to 600 in the first week of January.
  • The company has also launched separate helpline numbers and email addresses for general inquiries and specific grievances related to the affixation of HSRP at dealerships and during a home delivery.

Benefits of High Security Number Plates

  • With the number plates made before April 2019, it was easy for thieves to replace the registration numbers, making it almost impossible to track the identity of the vehicle. As HSRPs come with non-reusable snap locks, they can’t be easily stolen without damaging the plates themselves.
  • The HSRPs are made by registered automobile dealers and vendors affiliated with state authorities. They make the HSRPs after gaining all the vehicle-related information such as engine number, chassis number, etc. So, it’s a great way to accumulate such crucial information about a vehicle in a central database, and it becomes easy for authorities to track the vehicle.
  • Earlier, the vehicle owners would play around with the number plates, changing the font, their size, colours, etc. This made it difficult for traffic police to clearly see the registration number of a moving vehicle. The HSRPs have unified fonts, colours, and styles, making them easily readable and standardised.

Online process of high-security number plate

  • On the Home Page Click on the HSRP Number Plate Plus Colour Plate or Only Colour Sticker.
UP HSRP Apply Online
  • Click the First Option – HSRP Number Plate Plus Colour Plate.
  • Select the Private Vehicle or Commercial Vehicle from both the options.
HSRP Number Plates
  • Click on the Private Vehicle, and it redirects the applicant to the below page.
UP HSRP Online Number Plates
  • Now Select Petrol, Diesel, Electric vehicle, CNG or CNG+ Petrol from the given options.
  • It then redirects to the type of vehicle options, as shown below.
  • Select the two-wheelers or four-wheelers from the given alternatives.
  • Selecting the two-wheeler displays the given page.
  • Select the Scooter, Motor Cycle or Auto Rickshaw from the given options.
  • Select the brand of the vehicle from the given alternatives.
UP bookmyhsrp portal
  • It then redirects to the new web page.
  • Choose Uttar Pradesh from the given states.
Uttar Pradesh HSRP Number Plates
  • It then redirects to the new page which shows the list of dealers.
High Security Number Plates
  • Select the dealer’s name out of the available dealers.
  • It then shifts to the Vehicle Information Page, where the user requires to enter the information related to his/her vehicle.
  • In the Vehicle Information, Enter the Registration Number, Registration Date, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Email ID, Mobile Number, and the Vehicle Number.
Book HSRP Appointment
  • Click on the Next Button.
  • In the final step, the applicants should make the payment online. However, the vehicle owners can also enter the GST Number, if registered.
  • It completes the payment process, and the order will be confirmed through the mail and phone number.

State Wise Website for HSRP Registration

State Name Registration/StatusLink
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Click Here
Andhra Pradesh Click Here
Arunachal Pradesh Click Here
Assam Click HereDealer
Bihar Apply Here
Chandigarh Apply Here
Chhattisgarh Apply Here
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Apply Here
Daman and Diu Apply Here
Delhi bookmyhsrp.comNotice
Goa Apply Here
Gujarat Apply Here
Harayana Apply Here
Himachal Pradesh Apply Here
Jammu and Kashmir Apply Here
Jharkhand Apply Here
Karnataka Apply Here
Kerala Apply Here
Ladakh Click Here
Lakshadweep Apply Here
Madhya Pradesh Apply Here
Maharashtra Apply Here
Manipur Apply Here
Meghalaya Apply Here
Mizoram Apply Here
Nagaland Check Here
Odisha Apply Here
Puducherry Apply Here
Punjab Apply Here
Rajasthan Click HereMore Details
Sikkim Apply Here
Tamil Nadu Apply Here
Telangana Apply Here
Tripura Apply Here
Uttar Pradesh Apply Here
Uttarkhand Apply Here
West Bengal Apply Here

How to check the booking process

The applicants can check their booking process by entering the order number, vehicle number, and captcha code, etc.

then, you will click on the search button.

You will see the application of HSRP number plate status.

On the other hand, for any concern, you can contact directly at 011- 47504750.

This number is the customer care number.

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