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nk number plate which state|nk number plate which state in india|nk registration plate india|nk registration plate india which state|nk vehicle registration which state in india|what is nk registration:The Indian has released a new form of vehicle number plates that are designed to solve the problem of the relocation of registration of the vehicle from one state to another. It is called the new nk registration number.As per the current laws in India, people who are frequently required to move from state to state, are also required to change the registration of their vehicles as they do. However, that seems to be a problem of the past. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has introduced a new (nk registration number in india) number plate/registration mark for vehicles.

This nk vehicle registration which state in india of vehicle registration will help remove the need to change the registration when the owner moves from one Indian state to another.As far as the two-wheelers are concerned, the number plate of the vehicle shows certain vehicle registration details. The two letters at the beginning of the number plate denote the state in India where the vehicle is registered

NK Registration vehicle

Article Name nk registration
Government government of India
Department ministry of road transport and Highway Government of India
Mode of registration Online
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Official website parivahan Sewa

Important Facts Pertaining to nk registration plate india which state:

  • The certificate of vehicle registration is valid for a period of 15 years post and it needs to be renewed in every 5 years. The registration would be renewed subject to vehicle inspection and roadworthiness.
  • The validity of a temporary vehicle registration certificate is one month. In an instance when the motor vehicle is a Chassis and the body of the vehicle is not attached, the registering authority may extend the validity.
  • The registration or renewal of registration of the vehicle can be denied if the registration authorities are not satisfied with the documents and details provided by the applicant and have a reason to believe that the vehicle is stolen or does not meet the required safety standards or emission norms.
  • The vehicle registration done in any state in India done according to the rules and regulations as per the Motor Vehicles Act is valid and effective across all states and Union Territories in India

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nk number plate which state in india:

The registration of a new vehicle involves inspection of the vehicle and its features such as the cubic capacity of the vehicle, type of vehicle (commuter/sportsbike/cruiser/superbike) and more. The important documents required to be submitted for vehicle registration are as follows:

  • Vehicle Registration Application Form Number 20
  • Form No. 21 and original sale certificate of the vehicle sold by the dealer received at the time of vehicle delivery.
  • Original invoice of vehicle purchase
  • The certificate of roadworthiness provided by the dealer or manufacturer at the time of delivery of vehicle in Form Number 22.
  • Valid Car Insurance or Two Wheeler Insurance document or the attested copy of insurance document
  • Duly signed Form No.34 if the vehicle has been purchased on hypothecation
  • Valid Residence proof
  • Custom Clearance Certificate for imported vehicles
  • Chassis Number Pencil Print
  • Certificate Of Fitness for Transport Vehicles
  • Duly filled Form Number 22 for Transport Vehicles
  • Vehicle registration fee
  • Special fee for registration of fancy number (if applicable)
  • Payment of applicable road tax
  • Passport size photographs
  • Proof of date of birth

Once the documents are submitted to the Registering and License Authority (RLA) and fees are paid, the applicant will receive a registration fee slip on that day itself. The fee slip could be taken as proof of registration until you receive the registration certificate. The certificate of registration can be received after depositing the registration slip on any subsequent day. Vehicle numbers are assigned to the vehicles after due approval by the RLA.

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Documents Required For Re-registration of Vehicle:

  • Application Form Number 20
  • NOC from the original vehicle registering authority in Form No. 28
  • NOC from the financer in case the vehicle has been purchased on a loan.
  • Residential proof
  • Fee Receipt
  • Valid Insurance document (attested copy)
  • Applicable fee for Token Tax and Re-Registration

In some Indian states, re-registration of vehicle is subject to getting a clearance from the National Crime Record Bureau. Thankfully, the concerned transport department makes the required arrangements by themselves and you do not have to apply for a clearance certificate separately. All private vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters and other vehicles for personal use) must be registered again after 15 years from the date of registration of the vehicle. The re-registration of the vehicle will make you eligible to ride or drive the vehicle for 5 more years without any hassles. However, the re-registration is subject to the inspection of the vehicle. The vehicle must be road-worthy and should meet the prescribed emission standards.

NK Vehicle Registration

  • First visit the official website 
  • On home page click NK Vehicle Registration LINK
  • Submit the all details

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