Meebhoomi: Search ROR -1B, AP land Records Adangal

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In this article, you will be given meebhoomi AP, Pahani Adangal search ROR –IB land record, village map, and mee Bhoomi service list. With the help of the revenue department, the Andhra Pradesh state government has launched meebhoomi portal officially. This website started its journey to make all kinds of land-related records available online in Andhra Pradesh. India is moving thoroughly towards digitization.

You will get detailed information about the land record departments of Andhra Pradesh from this website.This is an entirely online process and you can get meebhoomi portal information from online. In earlier days, the citizen visited to get information regarding the land record. They had to go to meet with concerned departments for knowing such as village map, land record meebhoomi Adangal, ROR- 1B.

We will guide you to get all record step by step given below

It is conveniently accessible for the citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh. On the other hand, this portal will help you to acquire an encumbrance certificate with accountability. Moreover, anyone can use this portal from any state,district, or village of the country.

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