[New] Telangana LRS scheme 2022|layout Regularisation scheme Registration

new lrs scheme in telangana 2022|lrs telangana 2022|How can I get LRS in Telangana|How can I check my LRS in Telangana:Recently, the Telangana government launched new land regularization rules in 2022. In this article, we will be updating you about the different types of information like Telangana government land regularisation rules, illegal layout scheme. On the other hand, the concerned departments change some new points. They will give a declaration about registration through this portal.

Under government order number 131, the chief secretary of the Telangana government has issued orders so that they can update the rules of this scheme. For the new update of the scheme, the Government will be delivering seven (7) slabs in place of order number 131. It is the new lrs scheme in Telangana 2020.They have changed the old version of this scheme. The concerned authorities changed the regularisation rules of the state.

Telangana LRS Scheme 2022

The Chief secretary Somesh Kumar of the Telangana government has recently seen issuing orders so that they can update certain clauses in the rules under Government Order No. 135, dated September 16. Now due to the new update in the scheme, the government will be providing 7 slabs instead of the previously launched four in GO No. 131, dated August 31, like in the old LRS scheme of 2015. The government has also launched new regularization charges with the current market value of the plot as per the date of 26 August 2020. This update was done recently by the concerned authorities of the Government of Telangana. Due to this update, a lot of new changes can be seen in the regularization rules of the state.

Telangana LRS Scheme 2022

Name Telangana LRS Scheme 2022
Launched by Chief Secretary
Beneficiary Residents of Telangana
Objective Lowering the regularization charges
Official site https://lrs.telangana.gov.in/OTP_Validation.aspx?param=Print

Regularisation Charges

The change in the regularization charges are as follows in this step by step points:-

  • For sub-registrar value of less than Rs 3,000 per square yard will be 20 percent
  • Between Rs 3,001 and Rs 5,000 30 percent
  • Between Rs 5,001 and Rs 10,000 40 percent
  • Rs 10,001 and Rs 20,000 50 percent
  • Between Rs 20,001 and Rs 30,000 60 percent
  • Between Rs 30,001 and Rs 50,000 80 percent
  • Above Rs 50,000 per square yard sub-registrar value will be 100 percent.
  • If 10 per cent open space is not available in the unapproved layout, pro-rata open space charges at 14 per cent of the plot value prevailing as on the date of registration of the plot will be collected, instead of the prevailing rate as on August 26, 2020.
  • The LRS regularisation charges include the NALA fee (for the conversion of agricultural to non-agricultural land use)
  • No separate NALA fee is to be paid by LRS applicants.

new lrs scheme in telangana 2022 Objective

  • The concerned authorities settled this regularisation charges in 2015. After that, the resident of the state wanted to update their land regularisation record for further process.
  • The concerned authorities have changed this scheme rules for the resident.
  • It is going to be the latest version of this scheme.
  • The residents have disappointed with this because charges are too high before than that of these cases.
  • Several MLAs of this state have seen this report.
  • They noted this in the Assembly. Mr. K.T. Rama Rao said that the charges will be made similar to the old scheme.

layout Regularisation scheme Rules applicable

  • Road with must be in minimum nine meters.
  • Plot layout should be less than 100 sq. meters.
  • For boundary disputes and land disputes, the measurement of regularisation rules are not applicable.
  • You will have to be acquired prior clearance and assigned lands from the district collector.
  • Although, a few plot holder has come with the regularisation of an unapproved layout.
  • The concerned authority will reject this layout initially. They approved only the layout pattern.
  • The applicant must embellish copies of the title deed only.

Tamilnadu Smart Ration Card Status

Telangana LRS scheme 2022 Application procedure

To apply for the Lrs Telangana 2022, you need to follow step by step procedure given below:

  • At first, you have to visit the official website of this scheme.
  • Telangana LRS Scheme
  • A new home page will be opened on the screen.
  • Then, you click on the Apply for LRS.
  • A new web page will display on your mobile screen or the computer screen.
  • You will get two options like Indian and NRIs option.
  • Then, you will have to choose your desired option.
  • After this, you will input the mobile number. Click on the regulate OTP.
  • You will accept an OTP number on your mobile number.
  • Then, you can enter the OTP number.
  • After that, you will have to click on the validate OTP.
  • You will fill up the registration form.
  • Then, you can enter all the details.
  • After this, you can make your payment procedure with the ICICI bank gateway.
  • You should submit some documents like a self-attested copy of the registers title deed.
  • At last, you can click on the submit button.

TS Telangana LRS/BRS Scheme Application Status

Through this article, you are being told the LRS/BRS Scheme Application Status Online to check the official land and building regularization websites. The status of the application can be viewed online through the two websites lrs.telangana.gov.in & telanganalrsbrs.in. In addition, candidates who have applied for land and building regulation can also check their status online.

layout Regularisation scheme Application status 

  • At first, you will go to the official website of this portal.
  • Then, a new home page will display on your screen.
  • After this, you can click on the application status option.
  • A new web page will show in front of you.
  • You will have to input the acknowledgment number.
  • Then, click on the submit button.
  • The status will appear on your screen.

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