UK Local Elections 2022 Live Results|Local Elections 2022 Results

uk local elections 2024 results|uk elections 2024 results live|Election results london 2024:Boris Johnson has admitted that the Conservatives had a “tough night” at the local elections as Labour captured the Tory strongholds of Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet in London.The prime minister said he took full responsibility for the results as Sir Keir Starmer’s party prevailed in a series of areas long held by the Tories in the capital.Wandsworth had been a Tory stronghold for 44 years and was seen as the ‘jewel in the crown’ for the party, while Barnet and Westminster had never been held by Labour. London Mayor Sadiq Khan hailed the Wandsworth win as a “historic, joyous night for Labour”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain suffered significant losses in early results from local elections on Thursday, in voting that was being watched closely as a test of the damage to him and his Conservative Party from a swirling scandal over lockdown-breaking parties at Downing Street.For the first time in decades, the Conservatives lost control of the borough of Wandsworth in London to the opposition Labour Party, which also took over Westminster and Barnet in the capital, as well as Southampton and several other districts elsewhere in England. The centrist Liberal Democrats also turned in a much-improved performance.

UK Local Elections 2024 Live Results

Only some of the votes were counted overnight, however, and the picture could change later on Friday as more results come in. But it appeared that voters were punishing the Conservatives for the illicit Downing Street parties and the rising cost of living at a time of surging inflation and tax increases.

Mr. Johnson acknowledged that it had been a “tough night in some parts of the country,” according to the BBC, but he also said that the Conservatives were making “remarkable gains” elsewhere.In the voting on Thursday, Britons were mainly electing thousands of “councillors” — their representatives on municipalities that decide issues such as garbage collection, planning applications and highway maintenance.

The Conservatives fared badly in London — the party has held Westminster ever since the council was created nearly 60 years ago — and they also suffered losses to the Liberal Democrats outside the capital.But Labour was making only limited progress in the north of England at a time when it was expecting advances against a government facing a series of problems.

Local Elections 2024 Results

With 91 of 146 councils in England declaring their results, the Conservatives had shed 154 seats, which meant the loss of control of several boroughs, including Wandsworth, long a symbolic fortress of Conservatism in the capital. Labour was up 40 council seats, fewer than the Liberal Democrats, who had gained 70. The Greens, another smaller party, also made advances.

Though the local elections have no direct effect on the fate of the national government, they were seen by many as a litmus test of the popularity of a prime minister who has already been fined by the police for one breach of his own strict coronavirus laws.

Mr. Johnson’s handling of the invasion of Ukraine has stabilized his leadership, but more fines for lockdown breaches could follow, and the government has promised to publish a report on the Downing Street parties that many expect to criticize Mr. Johnson.

With the Conservatives trailing in opinion polls behind the opposition Labour Party, Mr. Johnson’s own lawmakers are once again considering a no-confidence vote on his leadership. A poor result in the local elections could damage his survival prospects, while a solid performance would help him ride things out.

In England more than 4,400 seats were contested in over 140 municipalities, but the voting took place only in parts of the country. All the municipalities in Scotland and Wales held elections, and voters in Northern Ireland cast ballots for its devolved power-sharing assembly.

Councillor change


-298Seats won1066


+168Seats won2012

Lib Dem

+162Seats won650


0Seats won66


+52Seats won370


+67Seats won130


-196Seats won430

Council control




Lib Dem










wakefield election results 2024

The Leader of Wakefield Council has retained her Castleford Central and Glass Houghton seat for the Labour Party.Coun Denise Jeffery won 1,900 votes.She said: ” I think we (Labour) are happy with the way the voting is going this morning.

I am happy with my result which shows people have got confidence in my leadership and the way we are running the council.”Paul Phelps of the Yorkshire Party won 471 votes, Joanne Smart of the Conservatives won 482 votes and Liberal Democrat candidate Janet Walton won 88.

bradford election results 2024

  • Election counts are taking place at Sedburgh Leisure Centre in Bradford, and at Keighley Leisure Centre
  • Turnout is ‘slightly down’, according to returning officer Kersten England
  • Results now coming in and will be declared throughout the afternoon
  • 30 council seats set to be filled

birmingham election results 2024

The biggest council battle in the country is happening right here with Birmingham’s local election count taking place. There are 101 seats across 69 wards in Birmingham City Council up for grabs in the 2024 local elections.

The count follows a busy night of political activity which has seen Labour make gains in Dudley and the Tories win seats in Sandwell. More widely, the Conservatives have lost ground after a national dip in the polls.

The Birmingham count is taking place at Utillita Arena – with results expected to flow in later this morning. Due to the vast scale of the all-out election, it could be late into the evening when it is all clear.

somerset election results 2024

The Liberal Democrats have won the Somerset County Council election.

With the final results now declared, they have a majority of 61 seats, out of a total of 110.

The Conservatives have won 36 seats, while Labour and the Green Party have five seats each.

The Conservative Party had been in charge of Somerset County Council since 2009 with the Liberal Democrats in second place.

The Lib Dems will now run the county council for the next year and then the new unitary authority, which will replace the current county and district councils, for a further four years after that.

kirklees election results 2024

A third of all 69 seats were up for election at yesterday’s poll – one seat in all of Kirklees’ 23 wards.

Here are the results in all the wards around Dewsbury, Batley, Mirfield and Spen.

Adam Zaman (Lab) – 2,170

Aziz Daji (Workers Party of Britain) – 1, 161

Keiron Gavaghan (Con) – 734

Simon Duffy (Green) – 201

David Shepherd (Lib Dem) – 152

BATLEY WEST – Labour hold

Gwen Lowe (Lab) – 2,713

Mohammed Laher (Con) – 1,087

Stephen Long (Lib Dem) – 233

Jack Senior (Green) – 233

BIRSTALL & BIRKENSHAW – Conservative hold

Liz Smaje (Con) – 2,104

council election results 2024

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said his party was “back on track” to succeed at the next general election.

Boris Johnson conceded the Tories had had a “tough” time in some areas – but argued results had been mixed overall.

The BBC projects Labour would take 35% of votes and the Tories 30%, had all parts of Britain gone to the polls.

That five point lead gives Labour its biggest local election lead in a decade.

The findings – based on the results declared so far from areas which voted on Thursday – put the Liberal Democrats on 19% and other parties on 16%.

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