What is Ltc Cash Voucher Scheme|Ltc Cash Voucher Scheme 2021

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Monday announced two sets of measures to generate consumption demand and boost capital spending in the economy. The measures announced by the government, along with participation of states and the private sectors, are, according to the government, projected to create “additional demand” of Rs 1 lakh crore in the economy. Sitharaman said supply constraints in the economy have eased, but consumer demand is still affected.

The ministry has decided to allow government and private sector employees to use their Leave Travel Concession tax-free benefit for various types of purchases subject to certain conditions while an interest-free festival advance of Rs 10,000 is being given to government employees. Measures have been announced to step up capital expenditure by the Centre and the states.

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[Apply Online] High-Security Number Plate Registration (Bike, Car) Uttar Pradesh, Apply, Status @ Book My HSRP Portal

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The transport authorities announced that the owners take a high-security registration plate. Concerned authorities can fit this on the vehicle. They can get registration plates on a new car as well as an old car. Recently transport authorities told in a circular that everybody takes an advanced number of plates. On the other hand, the owners can install on the vehicle by contacting with automobile dealers.HSRP was not mandatory before on April 2019. The ministry of road transport and highways authorities made it after April 2019 to tamper-proof HSRP. It will be beneficial for future use. Concerned authorities have given the responsibility to the RTOs to sensitize people regarding the benefit of this.

This system will help to track stolen or lost the vehicle. The owners can affix it well.It prevents vehicle thefts. Moreover, concerned authorities gave RTOs to ensure compliance of the previous directions. As per the record of RTOs and HSRPs, they have a chromium hologram that has to fix upon the vehicle. The concerned authorities use the hot stamping method.In addition to that, the third registration mark, known as the chromium hologram sticker. It can help to affix on the vehicle. On the other hand, it has registration details of the car, engine, and chassis number. These are all secure.In other words, it makes the vehicle safe before from theft.

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[Status] Whatsapp Status Love|New Whatsapp Status

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The WhatsApp Story or Whatsapp Status feature became immensely popular over time and is commonly used by people to share messages, achievements, memories, and news with friends and family. The WhatsApp application is a massive platform with over a billion users and supports voice and video call among other features, the instant messaging platform is also introducing WhatsApp pay feature to its users for in-app payments.

The WhatsApp stories feature was initially considered as a clone of the Snapchat and Instagram stories feature that allows users to post a photo, video, or GIF to the viewers for a duration of 24 hours. This feature also allows you to address a larger audience at once and update them about the latest happenings.

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Faug Game Download Apk”Beta Version Play Store

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Indian nCORE Games company has released the promo of FAUG (Fearless and United Guard) game.The FAUGI Game released as soon. Akshay said that FAU-G game is part of self-reliant India movement, it will tell players martyrdom of soldiers. Whoever plays this game will tell them about the sacrifice of the soldiers of the country. This is Akshay Kumar’s first gaming venture.Game lovers can download the FAUG Game through the google play store, candidates stay and connected with us regarding the latest update.

There are many things that will not be found in a FAUG Game. it is made in India.The special thing in the FAUG game is that it is Graphic, it is going to be launched with very high quality and very realty. There is a lot of specialty in this game, we have told you well in this post that what is lacking and what is lacking in it. FAUG Game Download Apk is an Indian game.

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