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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Monday announced two sets of measures to generate consumption demand and boost capital spending in the economy. The measures announced by the government, along with participation of states and the private sectors, are, according to the government, projected to create “additional demand” of Rs 1 lakh crore in the economy. Sitharaman said supply constraints in the economy have eased, but consumer demand is still affected.

The ministry has decided to allow government and private sector employees to use their Leave Travel Concession tax-free benefit for various types of purchases subject to certain conditions while an interest-free festival advance of Rs 10,000 is being given to government employees. Measures have been announced to step up capital expenditure by the Centre and the states.

what is ltc cash voucher

The government on Monday announced that Central Government employees will be provided tax benefits on LTC component without them having to actually travel. These employees would, however, be required to spend three times of the LTC fare component for purchasing items that attract 12 per cent or more GST. What this effectively means is that if your fare component of LTC is Rs 40,000, you need to spend Rs 1.2 lakh on goods that fall in 12% or more GST slab in order to save tax on Rs 40,000.

Overview Of LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

Name LTC Cash Voucher Scheme 2021
Launched by Finance minister Nirmala sitharaman
Objective Providing cash vouchers for travelling and buying items
Beneficiary Central Government employees
Official site

Benefits Of LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

  • Buy goods and services worth three times the tax-exempt amount paid before 31.3.2021.
  • Spend the money on buying items attracting GST of 12% or more from GST registered vendor and purchase must be in digital mode
  • GST invoice will have to be produced.
  • Scheme open to private sector wherever the employers currently offer LTC. Scheme also open to PSUs, PSBs and state government employees.
  • Payment of LTC fare in 3 flat-rate slabs depending on class of entitlement of government employees.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria while applying for the scheme:-

  • The applicant must be a resident of India
  • An applicant must be a working Central Government employee
  • The applicant can also be a state government employee
  • The above scheme will be available for central government and PSU employees.
  • However, the finance minister requested all the private companies and state governments to implement the same for their employees.

Deemed LTC Fare

The number of LTC vouchers that the employees will get plus the value of these vouchers are as follow:-

Employees Vouchers Value
Employees who are entitled to business class of airfare Rupees 36000
Employees who are entitled to an economy class of airfare Rupees 20000
Employees who are entitled to Rail fare of any class Rupees 6000


LTC Cash Voucher Scheme Registration

There is no additional information regarding LTC Cash Voucher Scheme Registration is available now. We will update here each information as soon as the central government will announce it.

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